About Us

The mission of the Center is to improve the health of populations and promote health equity in Arizona and beyond through research and its application to policies, healthcare delivery, and practice in medicine and population health.

Our Goals

Our goals are aimed at addressing health issues to develop, promote and maintain health by focusing on a broad range of real world problems of topical importance to government, business, providers and the public. The Center will actively build partnerships of inquiry between population health and health care providers and hospitals, government and non-government agencies, policy makers, universities, private industry and the local community to promote better health. A core strength of the Institute will be building on existing resources at the University of Arizona such as the National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer center. The goal of the Center is to elevate the stature and prominence of the University of Arizona’s excellence in population health research. The Center serves as the bridge to population health and health care practice in the state. The Center serves as a focal point for population health and health policy within the University of Arizona Health Sciences campus bringing together faculty, staff, and students interested in applying their skills and experience to answer real world questions.