Arizona Community Profiles Dashboard

Arizona collects all kinds of surveillance about prevalence of disease, birth, causes of death, reasons for hospital visits, smoking rates and hundreds of other indicators to help us assess health indicators and design interventions to improve outcomes. The Arizona Department of Health Services has a tool to explore this data and visualize it in several different ways. Their Community Profiles Dashboard is a leap forward for public health professionals, city planners, non-profit organizations, medical providers and anyone who needs public health data to improve their performance.

Arizona Health Improvement Plan

The development of the Arizona State Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP), Healthy People, Healthy Communities, is the result of the diligent work of numerous public health professionals, advocates and community stakeholders at the state, county and community levels. The AzHIP is a plan for the entire public health system. Stakeholders include state and local government, healthcare providers and health plans, employers, community groups, schools, universities, and many more.


It allows researchers to formulate “and/or” queries using a graphical web based tool and returns counts of patients matching the query. This can be helpful in assessing the feasibility of clinical trials, refining research questions and familiarizing yourself with the data currently available through the Clinical and Data Warehouse Team.