UA-ADHS Data Sharing Request

This document allows for the request of ADHS datasets to the UA. As researchers obtain the data it will be held by the Center for Population Science & Discovery. All approvals for projects will require the approval of the joint steering committee. Data will then be abstracted by UA data specialists if it is already in hand, or from ADHS to the UA as necessary. 

  UA-ADHS Data Sharing Request 

Below are useful resources for researchers as they work to compile their data sharing request. The materials provided include a PowerPoint on the purpose of the data sharing agreement and information on each aspect of the form, the official Memorandum of Understanding so that the researcher knows if their requested data is allowable, and finally an example of a completed Request to Proceed (note: previous version of the form but content remains similar).

Descriptive Data Sharing PowerPoint (Dec 2016)

UA ADHS Memorandum of Understanding

  Sample Request to Proceed