Our Mission

The mission of the UAHS Center for Population Science and Discovery is to improve the health of populations and promote health equity in Arizona and beyond through partnership and research/evaluation and its application to policies, healthcare delivery, and practice in medicine and population health.

Affordable Care Act Resources

A resource complied by the UAHS Center for Population Science and Discovery, the directory includes useful websites, fact sheets, and other resources on a variety of different topics. The UAHS population health team will periodically update the directory in an effort to assist patients, providers, and care teams in understanding and navigating the health care system under the Affordable Care Act.

Community Resource Library

The UAHS Center for Population Science and Discovery has gathered in one location easily accessible, value-laden, culturally relevant, actionable information for community stakeholders and targeted Arizona populations. The brief, culturally-relevant resources include tables, fact sheets, reports, and presentations.

Data Warehouse

This repository makes use of UA Health Sciences population health data that is optimized for analytical purposes. The warehouse creates an opportunity for investigators to access preliminary data to prepare research proposals as well as for community investigators and stakeholders to identify population health issues.

Academic Resource Library

Includes papers published in academic and professional journals, results from clinical trials, documentation on best practices, and training materials. All documents are catalogued in order to provide information on the needs and health conditions of Arizona populations.